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What’s in Issue 162

Novel Why might the Qwell’Na, the most powerful race in the galaxy, need humanity? To remedy a split personality: euhal allen, The Bridge, IV, chapter 5: The Great Tragedy, part 1; part 2; part 3.
Serial What remains after all is lost? Vengeance. And a wife’s treasured keepsake: Slawomir Rapala, Through the Sands of Southern Deserts, part 3; conclusion.
New contributor J. Alan Brown depicts a marriage so loveless it’s as dry as tinder and a perfect fuel for hellfire: Followed by Fire, part 1; part 2; conclusion.

New contributor Mary B. McArdle has a petulant comet rider play practical jokes on people, but they’re so busy they hardly even notice: Peevish Pendulum.

New contributor Sally Quilford keeps a failed genetic experiment lurking in the bushes waiting for someone to be his next meal. The horror calls for pity: Hunger.

Clementine Blue comes to Goblin’s Toe in search of her sister. Her quest will lead her to confront the demon haunting Widow Maker mansion: Robert L. Sellers Jr, Witchy Woman, part 1; part 2; conclusion.
New contributor William Greeley offers a choice between the comfort of conformity and the risks of creativity. Which would you choose? Which would your Robot governors let you choose? The Prophet.

New contributor Tamara Sheehan has the artisan Thoraxe afflicted with an allergy: a small, opinionated human being. What to do but seek medical advice on the Internet: Valeo, Valete.
Poetry ‘This soft spring night ... remember how it used to be’: Mary King, Springtime in Siberia.
Essays Should the Defense Department train scientists as screenwriters to promote science? What are they thinking?! Kevin Ahearn, Scientists as Screenwriters.

New contributor L. Roger Quilter has Ferdinand Feghoot out sailing the sea on a huge shaggy dog: A King’s Throne.


Welcome Bewildering Stories welcomes J. Alan Brown, William Greeley, Mary B. McArdle, Sally Quilford, and Tamara Sheehan.
Letters Kevin Ahearn writes about The Peril of Teaching Science Fiction.
The Reading
Jerry Wright reviews XXX.
Editorials Jerry Wright, Selling Out?.
Don Webb seeks a conciliatory approach: Where the Action Is: Bridging the Gap.

In Times to Come

In issue 163

Novel: euhal allen, The Bridge, IV chapter 6 “The Grand Union”
Serial: Rachel Parsons, “The Words of the Dead are My Only Comfort”
Short stories:
Jon Bishop, “A Cold Draft from the Window”
Robert M. Blevins, “Hole Card”
New contributor Denise LeBlanc, “Him”
D. A. Madigan, “Electronic Submission”
Robert L. Sellers Jr, “Dead Men Hanging”
Flash fiction: New contributor Shi Kejian, “Can Even the Dead See This?”
Poetry: Mary King, “Lilac House”
Prakash Kona, “Extrapolate”
L. Roger Quilter, “The Happening”
Reviews: Danielle L. Parker, Matthew Hughes’ Black Brillion

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