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Novel The hostile Skeltz hide from the wary, powerful Frawn, but strange new intruders emerge, including an enigmatic Black Fleet. The Skeltz win the race of intelligence analysis, but all four sides are overtaken by events: euhal allen, The Bridge, IV ; Epilogue: “Into the Shadows of the Stars” chapter 2: Building Anew, part 1; part 2; conclusion.
Serial New contributor Thomas R. Willits depicts a space pilot who yearns to explore a mysterious region beyond his planet’s moon but is unaccountably denied his dream. Or is he? The Beyond, part 1; part 2; part 3.
New contributor Dario Ciriello introduces Tigger, a super-cat whose knowledge of ancient philosophy provides him some comfort in a struggle to escape the fate of Schrödinger’s pet: Tigger Walks the Planck.

New contributor James Finn shows that a gentleman really ought to get to know his prospective fiancée well before offering her an engagement ring. She may be just a little too attached to birthday presents: The Gift of Fenice.

New contributor Geoff Nelder says that henpecked Ken may want to make sure his cell phone is working properly. Not only may Ken receive a distress call from outer space, he may want to send one, himself: Wrong Number.

Business machinations and bank robberies are just plain getting out of hand in Goblin’s Toe, Wyoming: Robert L. Sellers Jr, Lycan, part 1; part 2; part 3.

What does a husband need most of all? And why do you think he might need it? Graciela Lorenzo Tillard, Final Act.
New contributor Lara Apps has a hunter trailed by a huntress packing a pistol with silver bullets: Last Call.

Welcome to the post-oil age of transportation, where city buses talk — and take a cozy liking — to you: Mary King, Bus 0486.
Poetry Nightfall brings... contentment? Mary King, Nadir.


Welcome Bewildering Stories welcomes Lara Apps, Dario Ciriello, James Finn, Geoff Nelder and Thomas R. Willits.
The Critics’
Don Webb bids Farewell to The Bridge.
Letters Dario Ciriello offers Some Kind Words.
José Joaquín Ramos announces Alfa Eridiani, Nº 18.
The Reading
Danielle L. Parker reviews Rudy Rucker’s Frek and the Elixir.
Editorial Jerry Wright laments Death and Degradation Among the Humoi.

In Times to Come

In issue 166

Serial : Thomas R. Willits, “The Beyond” conclusion
Short Stories
New contributor Christopher Brooks, “Requital”
Jörn Grote, “Open Minds”
New contributor Audie Murphy, “The Grand Pineda”
Norman A. Rubin, “In the Name of...”
Robert L. Sellers Jr, “Dead Men Hanging”
Thomas R., “Users”
Flash Fiction
Mary King, “Interview with God”
Jim Schicatano, “The Science Project”
Poetry : Mary King, haiku
Prakash Kona, “Tragedy and Farce”
Steven Utley, “Make-Out City”
Review Article : D. A. Madigan, “S. M. Stirling” part 1

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