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Challenge 169

A rusty pot-pourri

  1. Ásgrímur Hartmannsson’s and D. A. Madigan’s “Rust in Peace” is one of our rare fiction collaborations. The text had been hanging in limbo for months until we had the stroke of genius to ask D. A. to write an ending for it.

    Ásgrímur is quite pleased; he notes that the text is practically seamless. We’d like to know if you, the readers, can detect where the original leaves off and D. A.’s ending begins.

  2. In Michael Kechula’s “Body Modifications, Inc.,” is it possible to write the story less grislily; that is, without the scammers’ committing a murder?

  3. In Erin McAteer’s “Wolf’s Moon,” the werewolf is apparently a laboratory experiment gone wrong. In a “larger story” what might have been the purpose of the experiment other than to create a werewolf?

  4. Going by your knowledge of the job market, what might you suggest to Sean Hower for Alice’s further adventures in her state of banishment and tribe-seeking?

  5. In Rachel Parson’s “An Understandable Mistake,” what might be the significance of Rosalyn’s reading The Blind Assassin ?

Responses welcome!

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