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What’s in Issue 169

Novel Mikhal, a daughter of Saul and wife of David, begins her recollections of life in the turbulent times of the first kings of Israel: Tala Bar, The King’s Daughter, Chapter 1: Mikhal; Chapter 2: Sha’ul, part 1; part 2.
Serial Princess Rhiannon struggles under the witch Greymulkin’s curse of nudity as she combats offworlders and gun-runners on New Fairy: Rachel Parsons, An Understandable Mistake, part 1; part 2.
If you had a time machine that would take you 20 centuries into the future, where would you go? Detroit, of course! Ásgrímur Hartmannsson and D. A. Madigan, Rust in Peace, part 1; conclusion.

Alice, a skilled basket weaver, has been banished because of a drought and an inter-tribal merger. Winter is coming, and she joins other banished tribe-seekers at Buck’s Star River meeting place: Sean Hower, Tribal Huntress.

New contributor Paddy Jones shows how a joyless person might take courage from the examples of Samuel Beckett and James Joyce: Drinking from James Joyce’s Glass.

New contributor Michael A. Kechula cautions that personal improvement can be a shady business: Body Modifications, Inc.
New contributor Erin McAteer shows that someone who’s been changed into a werewolf in a laboratory experiment may not exactly appreciate the favor: Wolf’s Moon.
Poetry To recover the forest stories one understood as a child, just “overturn a leaf”: Mary B. McArdle, Forest Fable.
Essay The Moamrath Project recounts the adventures of Moamrath in Europe.


Welcome Bewildering Stories welcomes Paddy Jones, Michael A. Kechula and Erin McAteer.
Challenge Challenge 169 goes Total Mongo with several stories in A rusty pot-pourri.
Letters Prakash Kona pays us an unusual compliment: Poetry and Appearance.
The Reading
Jerry Wright reviews Kage Baker’s Anvil of the World.
Editorial Jerry Wright describes Computer Hell.

In Times to Come

In issue 170

Novel : Tala Bar, The King’s Daughter, chapter 3 “Ahino’am”
Serial : Rachel Parsons, “An Understandable Mistake” conclusion
Short Stories
Robert M. Blevins, “Cruel and Unusual”
James Finn, “The Greer’s Holiday”
New contributor Jeffrey Lyons, “Transmitting Through”
Mary B. McArdle, “Sacrament”
Robert L. Sellers, Jr., “Hunter’s Story”
Flash Fiction : New contributor Jeff Haas, “The Last Book”
Poetry : Thomas D. Reynolds, “Sparrow Egg”
Essay : Tala Bar, “The Fight for Love and Glory in Myth and Literature”

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