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Michael A. Kechula

We have a number of technical writers among our contributors, and Mike Kechula’s subject matter seems to be one of the more unusual. He’s written self-study books and interactive courses run on computers. His last non-fiction books dealt with communications protocols between slot machines, bill acceptors (I’m thinking crisp, green money) and mainframes. He offers advice based on his experience if anyone is interested in various kinds of contracts. Since writers are consultants, of a sort, I can see how that could come in handy...

Never one to slow down in retirement, Mike is flash fiction editor for the Apollo’s Lyre e-zine and senior editor of Nimue’s Grotto, also an e-zine. He’s won several prizes for flash fiction and has written a book on writing in the genre. I’ve told Mike we’d be very interested in his viewpoint on the subject, and he’s promised to look into sending us something in the way of an article. I know our readers would enjoy and benefit from it!

Welcome to Bewildering Stories, Mike. We hope to hear from you again soon and often!

Mike Kechula’s bio sketch can be found here.

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