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Bewildering Stories

Challenge 177

Almost Famous

There are a number of famous science fiction and fantasy authors who became much more famous and successful — relatively speaking, of course — after they died. Name these authors and the famous works in question from the clues below:

  1. This author was also an eccentric artist who was often seen outside painting in only his hat. His most famous work has been described as a Kafkaesque meditation on the horrors of World War II, which this artist and author experienced first-hand when he was asked to make a pictorial record of the horrors of the Belsen concentration camp. Name this author and his most famous work (which has also been made into a BBC film production).

  2. Our second famous-after-dead author died in Baltimore. An unknown fan (or fans) honors the grave of this author with three roses and a (fittingly) half-empty bottle of cognac annually, and has done so since 1949. This author was also a poet, and his work is considered part of the Romantic movement. Name this author and his most famous poetic work.

  3. Often linked to the author above, this author also became more widely appreciated after his death. Fittingly, this author was said to suffer from a rare disease which made him feel cold to the touch. Some have said this author was influenced by the macabre artist Hieronymous Bosch. Name this author and the book he invented.

  4. Our last author is still alive and well, but we suspect his work, too, will grow on future readers more than it has in his lifetime. We include him here because his work is just as unique and eccentric as the above-listed authors. His most famous work has been described as a world where the further you go, the bigger it gets. Name this author and his most famous work.

Got any more less-famous-in-their-time authors? Let us know!

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Answers in the next issue provided you e-mail us some guesses!

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