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Publish America

I am so glad to see you publish this very informative article by Kevin Ahearn. I too have visited the Publish America site though I didn’t go to the length Kevin did. One read through should tell anyone it is a swindle.

Authors thirst to be published; I know I do. But not at such cost. I have two co-authored titles in print and several poems published in journals. Both fiction and poetry were published by independent publishers. They read the material, approved and accepted it. It was subsequently properly edited and proofed, and later sent back to me for final approval of edits. Royalties are good, but in a case where there are several contributors, they don’t amount to much; however, getting published didn’t cost me a dime, either.

I often read on line and will from time to time stumble upon an author with several published titles, and on the same space where they advertise their books, they carry an ad for PA. One has to wonder who stands to profit.

Carmen Ruggero

Copyright © 2006 by Carmen Ruggero

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