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A native of Argentina, Carmen Ruggero made America her home in 1959. She lived in California for most of this time, making the stage a big part of her life.

Photo by Carmen's daughter,
Andrea McIntyre
Carmen is also a photographer, specializing in black and white portraiture, and has worked as a news photographer for local publications in California. Her photography work was featured in a recently released HBO documentary called Beah: a Black Woman Speaks, the life and work of Beah Richards, actress, poet, and Carmen’s long-time friend, coach and mentor.

Carmen Ruggero’s love of writing began when she was a child, but it did not become a reality till later in life.

Carmen was first, a correspondent for The Herald Tribune in Anderson Indiana, covering special assignments. On her return to Los Angeles, newspaper work incorporated her photographic skills. By 1990, she worked exclusively as a news photographer and writing became a sideline.

Carmen as Dorothy in 'Stepping Out'
She began writing fiction and poetry in 2001. Since then, her work has been featured in sites like Short Story Bytes, Scrivener’s Pen, and BeWrite. She has coauthored a poetry anthology: Shaken & Stirred, and a short story collection Kaleidoscope, published by BeWrite Books. Carmen’s poetry is also featured in Canadian e-zine Poetry in Emotion, Sonnetto Poesia, a quarterly print journal, to which she was recently appointed assistant editor, and Poetry Life & Times, where she was featured poet for the month of November 2004. Follow this link to read her poems and interview with Poetry Life & Times.

Carmen was the recipient of the Canadian Prix Poésie Laissez-faire Award in February of 2004. Her poetry work will be featured in The New Pleiades Anthology of Poetry to be released in the summer of 2005.

Her short story: “Christmas at Tinsel Town,” took first place in the list of best published of 2001 in Short Story Bytes. She was short-listed by for her short story: “Within the Eye of the Storm,” and took first place in the Veronica Tegler short story competition for her story: “Eighty-Six Eggs.”

Carmen’s website is Yarnspinner.

Copyright © 2005 by Carmen Ruggero

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Artwork A Girl’s Trigal

Carmenl's grandfather Marcelo
Acting runs in the family:
Carmen’s grandfather Marcelo Ruggero
was a comic actor who appeared in many films.
Carmen's daughter Andrea at age 2
Carmen’s daughter Andrea at age 2

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