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by Carmen Ruggero

For Fred and Frances, a free frolicking fancy
through falls of still forming leaves of spring
finished fairly fast; Frances was in a frenzy;
didn’t fathom such thing to be a forlorn fling.

“Love me or leave me!” She louded aloud.
He left her, as Larry, Lloyd, and Lawrence had,
long ago; ’cause she was pellucid as clouds
after the fall: squiggly, wiggly, ugly and sad.

Whimsical woman, she wooed, wallowed
and whimpered through the weeping willows
fussing over worthless whimsy, swallowed
poisoned worms then threw up on her pillow.

Couldn’t live, couldn’t die, couldn’t love or
be loved. Woman! “Nameless here for evermore.”

Foofaraw: a fuss over a trifling matter. Or “much ado about nothing”
“Nameless here for evermore” — borrowed from E. A. Poe’s “The Raven”

Copyright © 2007 by Carmen Ruggero

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