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I Shall Weep No More

by Carmen Ruggero

God! Yes, you! And well you know who you are.
You omnipotent one, almighty light!
And I? Sorry fleck you gaze from afar
as I stumble and fall in hapless fight.

What must I be, for you to hear my prayer?
Should I be wind and thrust a hardy blow?
Should I growl like a beast guarding her lair?
Should I lift to you a sweet song of woe?

Don’t turn away. Don’t You deny me, God!
I’m not a drifter who will beg for feed.
No! I command you: “Look my way and nod.”
I need your sign to soothe my spirit’s need.

I am flame run wild: I burn and flare!
I bend no knee in humble, lowly prayer.

Copyright © 2007 by Carmen Ruggero

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