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B J Bourg

It’s a dark and stormy night. You’re walking scared down a dark alley in a tough part of town. B J Bourg is one gentleman you do want to meet!

B J is a policeman’s policeman: he has fifteen years in law enforcement ranging from patrol cop to instructor to detective and chief investigator, as well as instructor in procedure and firearms, not to mention special-weapons, sniper, and explosives teams. He also enjoys boxing and martial arts.

Hang on. B J is also a talented writer. He’s published over 35 short stories in various print magazines and on line. “Wet Blade” is B J’s first contribution to Bewildering Stories. Jared Broomfield’s empty box of anti-psychosis pills raises questions about the nature of perception and reality.

B J Bourg’s bio sketch can be found here.

Welcome to Bewildering Stories, B J ! We hope to hear from you again soon and often. And like “Joltin’ Joe Dimaggio,” we’re very glad you’re on our side!

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