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Challenge 203

Who and What

  1. What do Mark Eller’s “A Reason To Be” and Jörn Grote’s “Lost in Thought” have in common?

  2. We at Bewildering Stories consider it advisable to give characters names, even if the story is told in the first person. That helps the reader keep the characters straight and form a mental image of them.

    1. Why does Beverly Forehand not name the narrator in “Hollow”? Why might it be a wise choice?
    2. Why does the girl wear a “clanaugh” (or, possibly, “Claddagh”) ring? Why does she remove it when she approaches the tree?
    3. What does the kitten add to the story?
    4. What do you think the girl learns — or ought to learn — from her last visit to the Lady? Does the story qualify as a parable?
  3. In Slawomir Rapala’s conclusion to “Of Tyrants and Gods,” Why does General Aezubah kill King Harish? How does Aezubah qualify as a “god” to his troops? In light of the conversation between Harish and Aezubah in part 1, what kind of a god is he?

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