Issue 203

Readers’ Guide: What’s in issue 203

Novella Slawomir Rapala, Of Tyrants and Gods, conclusion
Terry Bramlett, The Smell of Dangerous Jasmine,
    part 1; conclusion
Mark Eller, A Reason To Be
Beverly Forehand, Hollow
Jörn Grote, Lost in Thought, part 1; conclusion
J. B. Hogan, Last Stand, part 1; part 2; conclusion
Michelle O’Neill, The Werewolves Next Door
John W. Steele, Superstition Rock
John Ritchie, Turf War
Poetry Forrest Armstrong, Simplistic
Susan M. Gibb, Halloween
Doug Pugh, Pie Piper
Anna Ruiz, Frog’s Tale
Discussion Bill Bowler, Science Fictional Politics
Don Webb, Politics in Literature: Word and Deed


Welcome Bewildering Stories welcomes Bill Bowler, Terry Bramlett,
    Mark Eller, Michelle O’Neill, and John D. Ritchie
The Critics’
Jörn Grote, Human and Transhuman
Challenge Challenge 203: Who and What
Letters Lewayne L. White waxes Nostalgic
The Art
A randomly rotating selection of Bewildering Stories’ art
The Reading
Clyde Andrews reviews Simon Haynes, Hal Spacejock
Jerry Wright reviews
Editorials Clyde Andrews and Don Webb, Here We Stand
Jerry Wright, More Miscellany

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