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When I first submitted “Hail The Bob” to you years ago, I was just looking for a place that would take that bizarre little story. I didn’t realize that I’d have an on-going relationship with Bewildering Stories, or that that relationship would enable me to improve as a writer and learn from other talented writers from around the world.

Thanks so much.

Here’s to many more years of bewilderment.


Copyright © 2006 by Lewayne L. White

Thank you for the good words, Lewayne. We know we’ve come of age when we can reminisce about the good old days. In the meantime, you’ve become one of the grand young men of Bewildering Stories. Any newcomer need only click on your bio link, in the copyright line, to see what you’ve contributed. Your Fairy Tale Police Department, accompanied by Bob Sellers’ Sheriff Augustus Poe, are now our unofficial arm of the law.

When we first received “Hail the Bob,” which appears in issue 86, I mentally agreed with you: “What a bizarre story...” Now, even today, I chuckle just to be reminded of it. Anybody who hasn’t read it yet can rush out and read it right now. And don’t stop there!


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