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What’s in Issue 223

Bewildering Stories congratulates the winners
in Contest 3 “Strange Places”
  1. Slawomir Rapala, Golden Strings
  2. Rachel Green, Forsaken
  3. Robert L. Sellers, Jr., Honey-Trap
  4. Chris Chapman, Duty
And Bewildering Stories thanks all the participants for a fine contest!
Novel The Pacific capsized and was righted only by Gilboy’s desperate efforts. His quest has now become a struggle against starvation, and he is lost in mid-ocean: Sam Ivey, Gilboy’s Quest, Chapter VII: Quest’s End, part 1; part 2; part 3; part 4.
Novella Kate has been kidnapped and booby-trapped; Razor is coming to her rescue but is inconveniently surrounded by forces armed to the teeth and out to stop him: O. J. Anderson, Razor Burn, chapter 20, chapter 21; chapters 22-23, conclusion.
Serial Horn-helmeted Vikings hover worriedly over their battered leader Aezubah. They fear that the Sorcerer and his inhuman acolytes will find them soon: Slawomir Rapala, Empty Places, chapter 1: “Awakening.”
New contributor Robert Barlow depicts the havoc computer bugs can wreak in a program and a programmer: Crawling, part 1; conclusion.

Is an android mate only as good as her partner — or only as bad? Bill Bowler, Andrea, part 1; conclusion.

On a windswept bridge, a bereft lover laments the collapse of a bridge between cultures: Doug Pugh, A Bridge of Sighs.

What kind of world is it where one tribe can have only sons and another, only daughters; and where the two tribes are separated by a highway crowded with monstrous machines? Roberto Sanhueza, The Runway.

Frank does not like Tom’s tearing down his advertising. Frank is big and strong. And he’ll be here at high noon: Thomas Lee Joseph Smith, Hello, Noon.
Where do characters go when you close a book or click off a page? Might they not have feelings and appreciate those who love them? Christopher Stires, The Last Gathering.
Poetry Rebecca Lu Kiernan, Rummy Park : If Anything Changes
Chris G. Vaillancourt, Sometimes Sunshine Streams Through the Windows
Caroline Davies, Under the Waterfall


Welcome Bewildering Stories welcomes Robert Barlow.
Challenge Challenge 223 warns beware of Dangerous Crossings.
The Art
NASA: Picture of the Day
The Reading
Danielle L. Parker reviews Steven Brust, Dzur.
Christopher Stires reviews Robert Schwentke, dir., Flightplan (film)
Jerry Wright reviews .
Editorial Jerry Wright, Running on Empty

Bewildering Stories News

Contest 3: On behalf of all of the Bewildering Stories community — the contributors, readers and editors — Ye Copy Editor congratulates Clyde Andrews for originating the idea and managing the contest so successfully. Clyde, ol’ matey, it’s a pleasure working with you!

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