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What’s in Issue 229

Novel Michael E. Lloyd, Observation Two: Standing Divided
Chapter 8, part 4 Columbia, South Carolina: Salvatore is disrupting everything around him, and the Mater has to stop the rot.
Chapter 9 Captain’s Office, Mater: It’s time to re-recruit a more reliable assistant. Back to Europe!
Chapter 10 Barcelona, Spain: Toni just can’t say no... but Paula can.
Novella The discussion-group participants argue public vs. private education, and the flame war ends where it began: Luke Jackson, The Spinning Pinwheel Flame War, part 12: Education; part 13: conclusion.
Serial Elmo’s scientific knowledge helps the planet Roth combat the alien invaders. Meanwhile, the time-space generator brings Elmo and Mildred back together in a big way: Walt Trizna, Elmo’s Sojourn
Chapter 7: Elmo Returns Home
Chapter 8: Combat
Chapter 9: Elmo Has His Homecoming, conclusion.
How to foil a terrorist group planning to poison the water supply? Send in a counterspy: Gary Inbinder, Nanodeath.

What might console a young, childless wife? Mary B. McArdle, Doorway.

New contributor Donna M. Nowak depicts a kindly aunt who leads a double life as the superheroine Barbie Battle: Barbie for Girls, part 1; conclusion.

A latter-day Luddite uprising takes an unexpected turn in a surprising way: Phillip Pettit, The Air of Protest.

A young Zen novitiate experiences the answer to his master’s koan: John W. Steele, A Spider’s Dharma.
J. G. Ballard’s novel High Rise is summarized in a pithy image: Sophie Bachard, Ringworm.

New contributor Pablo A. Nieto depicts two friends arguing What Does the Universe Offer Us? The original Spanish version: ¿Qué nos depara el Universo?

New contributor Kimberly Raiser recounts parallel monologues of two entirely different life forms: Man Upon a Rock.
Poetry New contributor Rebecca Latyntseva, Desurrection
J. R. Salling, Apparition in a Photograph
New contributor Felino Soriano, Vagabond’s Vision #102


Welcome Bewildering Stories welcomes Rebecca Latyntseva, Pablo A. Nieto, Donna M. Nowak, Kimberly Raiser, and Felino Soriano.
The Critics’
Review editors consider The Larger Story
Challenge Challenge 229 reports: A Funny Thing Happened on Our Way to Siberia.
Letters Viacheslav Yatsko cites Two Reasons for the U.S. to Stay in Iraq.
The Art
Crystalwizard, Ghostly Visions
NASA: Picture of the Day
The Reading
Danielle L. Parker reviews Charles Stross, Glasshouse
Jerry Wright reviews
Editorial Jerry Wright,

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