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I’m now starting to get more hits on my website as a result of “Babel 3000” appearing in the March Asimov’s. Hopefully you will also get more hits at BwS, as you get a mention in the author bio. Asimov’s circulation is just over 20,000, so even a small percentage of visitors is a decent number.

Colin P. Davies

Copyright © 2007 by Colin P. Davies

Congratulations on the appearance of “Babel 3000” in Asimov’s, Colin. We hereby encourage everyone to rush out and buy the March issue! It’s said that word of mouth advertising is the best, and a testimonial like yours has to be the best of all. We hope that Bewildering Stories brings more visitors to your website, as well.

A few years ago, Jerry took out a classified ad in Asimov’s. It brought us Joel Gn. In view of the quality of that young gentleman’s writing, I say it was worth every penny.

We also hope that the publication of Pablo A. Nieto’s “¿Qué nos depara el Universo? — What Does the Universe Offer Us?” in issue 229 will signify a breakthrough in the history of Bewildering Stories by adding encouragement to authors writing in languages other than English. My reply to Hélène Calvez’ letter, in this issue, explains...

Thank you, Colin!


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