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Bewildering Stories

Challenge 241

Suburban Space Aliens

  1. In Gary Inbinder’s Noble Lies, what pushes Aurelia to take the fateful step of breaking with Consul Finn?

  2. In Ásgrímur Hartmannsson’s “Meat Puppets,” when does Jonas learn the android woman’s name? What seems to be the sum total of her conversations with him?

  3. In Ken Dean’s “Julie and the View,” what does Julie do to deserve her fate? Do you think it is sufficient justification for the Medusa to take revenge?

  4. How does Thomas Lee Joseph Smith’s “Duty” differ from the majority of his other works published in Bewildering Stories?

  5. Two of Steven Utley’s three poems in “Career Moves of the Gods” resemble the style of Ogden Nash. How do they differ in tone?

  6. Where does reality leave off and fiction begin in Gayla Chaney’s “Suburban Sprawl”?

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