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A Flash Fiction Newsletter

I would like to draw your attention, particularly if you write flash fiction, to:

The Newsletter for Flash Literature Writers

Editor: Pamelyn Casto

Newsletter devoted to markets, contests, publishing news for short-short literature 1,500 words or fewer (including short-short stories, prose poetry, creative nonfiction, haibun, flash memoirs, flash plays)

Fifth year of monthly publishing!


Please tell your writer friends about the free newsletter (below) and they can subscribe, too. More subscribers wanted. Always. They can subscribe by sending a blank email message to

This newsletter is for subscribers only. It's not to be copied, in part or in whole, without express permission of the editor. Refer those interested in reading the newsletter to the newsletter URL link so they can subscribe for themselves at Flash Fiction Flash.

This newsletter contains information about online flash fiction courses run by the editor, about flash literature markets, flash literature contests and flash literature publishing news, where subscribers can announce their published (or to be published) stories, in the web or elsewhere. As an example, I’ll transcribe what appeared in Issue 67 (June 2007) about my last flash story that came out in Bewildering Stories:

JOAO VENTURA's flash fiction, “Stuff That Dreams Are Made Of,” has been published in Issue 244 of BEWILDERING STORIES

With more than 2000 subscribers, it seems to be a nice way to be aware of what's going on in flash fiction country (and at the same time making your work more widely known).

João Ventura

Copyright © 2007 by João Ventura

Thank you very much for the information, João. If FFF had a links page, we’d be glad to exchange links. But we’re glad to give a tip of the hat to any publication that advertises Bewildering Stories.

Which reminds me, we must send an announcement of “Eles” to the PlanetaSF discussion group. We like to announce Romance-language originals, especially, in PlanetaSF when we publish them.


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