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Challenge 266

Overcome Alliteracy!

  1. In “New Joint Stock Companies”:

    1. Does Claës Lundin propose any technological innovations that have already been achieved in one form or another? Any that might yet be made?

    2. Toward the end of the dinner party, the intervention of the banker’s son is, of course, humorous. But do the son’s banking practices and his father’s reflect financial operations as they are done today? Or is the banker raising his son to be a con artist?

    3. The conclusion of the chapter is also humorous — perhaps. Is it possible today to invest in a company devoted to any potentially profitable technologies at all, as well as hare-brained schemes?

  2. What is the character of Maggie James in Beverly Forehand’s “Bluebeard’s Wife”? Is she really a ‘wicked witch’?

  3. What is the center of the story in Lynn Mann’s “The Great Project”? Is it the invasion from outer space? The project? Or the young boy’s career?

  4. In Rachel Parsons’ “The Beaches of New Fairy,” what are the Nithhogr? Why are they attacking the dragon monastery? Bonus challenge: write the story at half its present length.

  5. Why might the ghost of the glacier haunt — and eat — reporters who come to the isolated town in E. S. Strout’s “Deep Freeze”?

  6. What do you think will happen to Bobby and Tommy after they escape in Greg Ellis’s “The Meadow”? If they don’t escape, why should they be devoured like the bunny rabbit?

  7. What rules of the sonnet are deliberately flouted in Carmen Ruggero’s “Foofaraw”? That is, aside from the rule “Avoid Any Abundance of Awful Alliterations“?

  8. Can Anna Ruiz’s “Fallen Apple” be written with line breaks substituting for punctuation?

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