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What’s in Issue 276

Novel Crystalwizard, Spellbound
Lynda realizes that she’s bound by her own spell. Now she has to find a way to unlock it... or live with it:
Novella Bertil Falk, Under the Green Sun of Slormor
The Nameless One and Parvrin make their way to an opalescent mountain lake. The beauty of the site is surpassed by its dangers, and Parvrin begins to change:
Serial Jack Creed and his squad are running low on ammo as they’re besieged by hundreds of giant crabs. But don’t worry; their troubles are only beginning: O. J. Anderson, Dead Wrong, part 1; part 2.
New contributor Sarah E. Kiko personifies fear and pleasures in Dark Chocolate Dreams.

What’s the moral when an alien spaceship becomes a place of modern pilgrimage? Frank Roger, Space Beach

Compulsion spells its own doom: John W. Steele, The Supplication, part 1; conclusion.
What symbols do the cymbals play? Bob Brill, Toothbrush Symphony

New contributor Robert A. Dollesin brings a couple together, but they never meet at Café Lost.

You’ve heard of people marching to the beat of a different drummer. Poor Kevin ticks to the tock of a different clock: Tim Simmons, Dishes in the Sync.

Marjorie Salzwedel depicts children at play in The Amateur Over the Badlands.
Bill Bowler, Shards of Glass
Essay What is a genre? It may be more practical a concept than we’ve surmised: Tamara Sheehan, Defining Our Beloved Genre.


Welcome Bewildering Stories welcomes Robert A. Dollesin and Sarah E. Kiko.
Challenge Challenge 276 Touching Rain
The Art
NASA: Endeavour Spacewalk 3
NASA: Picture of the Day

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