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by Jerry Wright

The Forum

Alright, or all right (depending on your purist instincts) let me tell you what is happening in the wonderful world of infrastructure.

As you may know, Bewildering Stories has been around since 2002 (Yay us!) and its original home was on hardware supplied by an outfit called PACN (PAcific Coast Networks). Anyway, the company was sold and resold, and at this point does a little dial-up and some hosting.

The fellow running the system has paid little attention to it, and now, the equipment, much of it from the late 90s, is getting old and crotchety (somewhat like me, eh?) and is prone to failure. So, now I'm getting ready to move stuff and what happens? I look at it cross-eyed and it dies a horrible death. I've had hard drive failures on 3 main systems.

Why is this even my problem? Because I still have files on these systems, and PACN has been one of my primary email addresses. Ouch. Anyway, the forum died last week. I couldn't log in remotely, and when I went down to physically check out the problem, yep, hard drive errors.

So, I am going to try to recover the data from the drive, but in the meantime, our forum has been reborn.

The easiest way to get to it is to go to the website and click on "Forum". Going to just takes you to our BwS homepage. Where you can click "Forum". Or you can also reach it by typing in

So anyway, the forum is back with bright shiny new software, and as I say, I'll be trying to recover the thousands of messages that are sitting quietly on the old server. So take care, and may all be shiny with you.

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