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Waiting for Aria Rose

by RD Larson

With my heart swelling, I spoke to Sinclair. “They called. She’s here.”

“Our baby?” His voice quivered.

“They want us to come in.”

“After fifteen years,” he gasped.

“Tomorrow.” I could not say anything more. I gently clicked the off button.

The next morning, we drove into the city. Too early. We went to breakfast but couldn’t eat.

“It seems unbelievable,” I told Sinclair. “All these years, all the times we hoped.”

“I know.”

Finally we went to the Center for Reproduction. We went into the building. We gave our names to the receptionist. The facilitator came out and took us to a waiting room. We sat there for what seemed like another year. Finally, the door opened.

The nurse put the baby in my arms as we sat on the couch. Sinclair leaned close to look at the little face. Unfocused eyes stared at me, then at him.

“Is she really ours?” The baby looked sweet and new. My motherhood swelled in my heart.

“Yes. Have you picked a name?”

“Aria Rose.” I pulled away the blanket to see the tiny toes. I shrank back, startled at the sight of the long pink tail.

Sinclair swore, then smiling, said, “Somebody’s clone? A space alien?”

Copyright © 2009 by RD Larson

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