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RD Larson can’t help writing. Her imagination is restless, forcing her to write every day. She lives on an island off the coast of Washington state in the U.S. Her hobbies are kayaking, hiking, gardening, and beach combing. She has had more than 130 articles, stories and essays published online and in print. She reads like she’s starving and writes like she’s feasting.

RD Larson’s story, “Malaise” was recently chosen from among hundreds of other entries for publication in an upcoming short story collection entitled Original Sin: The Seven Deadlies Come Home to Roost.

Larson’s other stories have appeared in Literary Potpourri, Scriveners Pen, Copperfield Review, The 3rd Degree, and others; other stories are: “Women Behaving Badly” (anthology from The Paper Journey), “Angel On My Shoulder” (anthology from Wind River Press), “Kaleidoscope” (anthology from BeWrite Publishing in the U.K.), with prize-winning holiday story, “Christmas on Red Dog Road”; “The Dark side of Love,” also from and “In Their Mysterious Ways, by Guideposts, as well as two novels, Evil Angel, from BeWrite Publishing and Saving Reverend Clayton, a 2004 EPPI finalist, available at E-Books on the Net.

Her website is and her fan site is at Pixel Paradox with free stories and updates.

Bewildering Stories bibliography

Prose Fiction
The Whimsy: part 1, part 2
Phantom of the Sea
Slam the Door Softly
A Benign and Archaic Afterthought
The Pharaoh’s Official
The Last Experiment
Absolutely Gutted
The Bony Ghosts of Courveau Manse
Mama Tried to Raise a Lady (excerpt)
Blood Links
To Die
Wind From the Edge of the Cloud
Legacy Portal
Waiting for Aria Rose
Instinctive Fear
Non-Fiction Poetry
Sharing the Selfish Self Brain Dead
Summahtime Woes

RD Larson

Copyright © 2004, 2006 by RD Larson

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