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Summahtime Woes

by R D Larson

Oh dem summah time blues, dos days dey driven me.
Dey driven me to drinkin’ rum and coco-malts.
I usta think I was so so pure of heart.
Now I knows dis heart be dark wi’ blood.
When da summah times are here, dos days he was near.

A-sure dey given me da sorry time blues
I usta have me some fun times in da sun.
I played like I was good, like a good girl.
Now I knows I was a sinner afo’ God.

Dat evil man he cussed me, made my sun go black.
He driven me from paradises I knowed so well.
I usta be a partyin’ girl with a gold heart.
Now I knows dis heart is a stone of sin. I’s so sad
I din’t turn away, let him look elsewhere.

But, laws, de summah was so hot and so was I,
Grass so green, sun so bright; I was blinded.
Now I knows I be dead to joy and pleasurin’ woes.
Dem damn Summahtime woes.

Copyright © 2009 by R D Larson

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