Issue 335

Readers’ Guide: What’s in issue 335

Novel Richard K. Lyon, The Long Dark Road to Wizardry
Book VI: The Puppet’s War
Episode 8: The Voice in the Flame
Episode 9: Hell Come to Supper, conclusion
Novella John W. Steele, Beyond the Island, chapter 7
Serial Sarah Trachtenberg, Manufacturing Celebrity, part 1
V. Ulea, The Two Witches of Vildaretz
Tom Underhill, Smile, part 1; conclusion
Erik Weiss, Student Learning, part 1; conclusion
Nick Allen, The Poker School
Brian Trent, A Rupture in Ragnarok
Poetry Ashutosh Ghildiyal, To Innocence
John Stocks, To Waverly
Memoir Gabriel Timar, The World is a Jungle
Book One: The Pleasant Jungle
The Birth of the Clan


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Challenge Challenge 335: Now You See... What?
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