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To Innocence

by Ashutosh Ghildiyal

Innocence, you left me long ago.
Experience leaves too many marks!
Not long ago, did I delight in your sunshine;
Now, I drown myself in memories,
Problems, sorrows, and worries,
That I don’t even know are mine.

Not long ago, did I with your eyes,
See the dancing leaves and feel
The perfumed wind all over my being.
Where is that sense of tender joy?
Where is that unburdened ecstasy?
Tis’ lost somewhere beneath this
Mass of knowledge that I can’t peel.

O innocence, since I lost you,
I have known time.
You left me, and I started
Thinking of the yesterdays and
The tomorrows, the endless continuity,
To which I never gave a dime,
When, O innocence, I had you.

Beauty has shunned me,
Intellect I have cultivated,
Love I have formulated,
The skies I have analyzed,
And to beauty, to simplicity,
I have died.
I have become hard, O innocence,
And you, the elixir, have left me.

Where is the music, where is the flight?
Nowhere do I see it, but only in the dead past.
I am tired of reviving from the ashes
Of yesterday that which is no more.
Is this going to be a never-ending cast,
Set in iron, which struggling,
I am doomed forever to fight?

O innocence, sing a song to me.
Let me hear that music once again.
Let me die and be born again,
So that I with unclouded brain
And unblemished eyes, behold thy glory
And in that eternity, forget the numbing pain.

Let it rain like it has never before,
And wash my senses clean.
Let me take a flight once again,
Let me die to the past,
To the thousand yesterdays.
Let me break this chain
And be with you again.

Copyright © 2009 by Ashutosh Ghildiyal

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