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by Rebecca Lu Kiernan

Your kiss is tart black licorice
And cinnamon rum,
A hint of the triggerfish
That made you faint
When you were seven.
They said it was allergy
But I know
It was the trust in his eyes
As he was chewing his hook meal.
Your kiss is gingerbread,
Brown sugared pears,
The salty taste of silence
On the spiral stairs.
You grow dragonbeard
In window boxes.
Crush of lemon,
Hive of honey,
Don’t move, I’m coming up
If I have to walk through
Curtains of red bats,
Bluebirds you’re
Beating into pies,
Lions that circle your bed,
The dizzying fear in your eyes.

Copyright © 2009 by Rebecca Lu Kiernan

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