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Martin Kerharo

Martin Kerharo and I go back a very long way. I remember when he and his wife were expecting a baby; their son is now a teenager. They have Canadian connections and have twice visited Guelph; we’re eagerly hoping to see them again.

Martin’s earliest contribution to Bewildering Stories is acknowledged in the header of our Reviews page. He developed an algorithm with which Ian Donnell Arbuckle and he compiled a bibliography of Jerry Wright’s early book reviews. Their start-up work made the Reviews page possible, and it has been kept up to date ever since.

Martin and his family live on the outskirts of Paris. He works in information technology but says he came to it by accident: he says he decided his original plan to become a schoolteacher was not for him.

And yet... and yet... Martin has a wonderful way with children; he understands them and doesn’t blame them for being what they are. Readers will see it for themselves in the pages of The Dohani War (Dohani : Guerre), as the relationship unfolds between Lt. Dexter Zimski and the mysterious Dohani-human captive, “Jane.” But the novel is only incidentally about communication between children and adults; readers will soon see that far more is at stake.

Martin Kerharo’s bio sketch can be found here.

Bienvenue à Bewildering Stories, Martin ! Que le soleil dohani ainsi que celui de la Terre brillent avec faveur sur ton effort remarquable !


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