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About the Mariner Awards

with Charles Knudsen

Thank you, thank you for selecting my story “Interference Patterns” for the 2012 Mariner Awards. It is not only a great honor, it’s very encouraging to an aspiring writer!

I just think it’s wonderful what your staff and you do at Bewildering Stories. I’m sure I speak for a lot of writers and readers when I say that your efforts really do make a difference in our lives.

Again, thank you for this terrific honor.

Copyright © 2013 by Charles Knudsen

And thank you, Charles! As we always say, “A good word goes a long way.” I’m glad we’ve done your morale a good turn; you’ve done the same for ours.

For the record, “Interference Patterns” was not only a no-contest selection for the Mariner Awards, it won the Order of Merit in Short Stories in the 2012 Third Quarterly Review.

And it’s easy to see why. The story is not only mysterious, it’s somewhat funny and yet genuinely touching. And it’s guaranteed to keep your readers on the page with you!

Keep up the good work. As our Welcome messages like to say, we want to hear from you again soon and often.

Don Webb
Managing Editor
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