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Challenge 598

New Shape Age

  1. In Anna Ruiz’s “Vitruvian Man”:

    1. How does the "Green Man” differ from Vitruvius’ classical model as drawn by Da Vinci?
    2. What does “she” refer to in “she is humming a memorable tune,” etc.?
    3. Now that “The mothership is leaving,” what has it accomplished?
    4. The poem cites a lot of film titles. What purpose do the references serve, especially for readers who haven’t seen the films?
  2. In Adam Randolph’s “Teddy Bow”:

    1. Why is Prof. T. Bow excluded from his place of work? Has he done anything wrong outside of his own mind?
    2. What kind of imagery is associated with the building behind the opaque glass doors?
    3. Bow finally hears a voice saying, “Keep him out.” What is Bow being kept out of? And who is keeping him out of it, if not himself?
  3. In Gary Clifton’s “Keeper of the San Lo Gate”:

    1. The story contains eight references to “Cossacks.” What might indicate that the name is being used as a general term for “horse soldier” rather than to refer specifically to Russian cavalry?
    2. What is the foreshadowing of Rupert’s overcoming the old gatekeeper?

    3. At the end, Neshak holds two swords, his own and the old gatekeeper’s. Why not only the larger sword?

    4. How do Neshak’s words show that he has not been merely an obedient servant to the old gatekeeper but also keenly observant and an excellent student?

  4. In Dave Ervin’s “The Thirteenth Traveler”:

    1. How might the opening scene be read: as straight realism or as a version of “It was a dark and stormy night”?
    2. The time-traveler’s black disk seems to be a kind of talisman. Is it entirely plausible that neither Zach nor Travis would want to know what it is or does?

  5. In Charles C. Cole’s “Prospecting on Island X,” how might the prospector be compared to a trapdoor spider?

  6. In Timothy Kay’s “Virtually Painless Dentistry,” does Basma take precautions to make sure that Anton can do no harm when using her dental viewing equipment?

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