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Vitruvian Man

by Anna Ruiz

The genius of proportion
comes through perception much later
adorned with an enigmatic smile
the logic of art adrift
in a nautilus shell

rebirth reclaimed reluctantly
walking down a long green mile
horror stories we tell one another about
what is true to our nature
what we leave behind
in history’s pages yet to be written
with the parallel pens of Piscean fins
evolving yet another reptilian skin
soaking up the sunlight
and slithering through the math

Androgynous bots of a new age
plugged into the Matrix of Revelation
constrictors of the impossible breath
breathing water
then fire
then air

The Green Man appears
she is humming a memorable tune
she is walking on water

The mothership is leaving

Copyright © 2014 by Anna Ruiz

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