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The Chronicle of Belthaeous

by John W. Steele

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Chapter 31: Belthaeous Remembers

part 1

Mindy sat cross-legged on the floor, slightly to the right of the Avatar. Her eyes followed the contours of his face and she studied the intricacies of its features. This beautiful and perfected entity, imprisoned like a statue of wax, not quite dead, yet powerless to be born.

A muted luster shone on the Buddha-like face, and his form expressed a quiet serenity she found irresistible. A subtle ripple of crystalline energy swirled at the stigmata in his brow. His respirations were nearly imperceptible and a faint trace of clear light leaked from the narrowed slits of his eyes.

His robe hung loosely on his body, and the bulge near the base of his abdomen no longer peered from beneath the vestment. A voice like the sigh of a distant waterfall flowed gently through her mind, and a thrill tingled in her nerves. She closed her eyes and focused on the message he channeled to her.

“There are seven energy centers in a souled human, my darling, these fetters are called chakras. But the chakras are an imposed compartmentalized system that is not man’s natural condition.

“Chakras are a shackle created by the Demiurgos to control the psychological manifestations of a souled being locked in the virtual reality. These energy portals are a series of cones that that proceed like a ladder up the spinal column. Each cone converges at a specific neuroplexus and allows vampire entities easy access to control and stimulate specific emotional forces.

“Chakras are part of the slave body one is required to enter with each new incarnation in the counterfeit creation. Nacroanus knew this when he awakened the Kundalini forces within you to further imprison you as his servant.

“The Vulpeculans and the Enukai have no true energy source. They severed themselves from Infinite Intelligence and exist in the negative polarity called Service to Self. These impermanent beings contain a nucleolus that survives on energy siphoned from those of the Light imprisoned in Third and Fourth Densities. The chakras act as outlets through which Astral parasites attach tendrils to steal life from the Light Beings in the lower dimensions.

“The emotional body is an unnatural and bestial abomination as well. And it is through the manipulation of emotions like hatred and fear that the parasites drain the life energy they need to survive. The Vulpeculans see souled humanity as their personal property and covet deeply the energy they harvest from them.

“Mammon has established himself as the Supreme Commander in this solar system, and he resides on the planet called Saturn. There are ten rings of power that emanate from this ancient structure known to us as Chronos.

“Seven of Saturn’s rings are directly connected to the chakras. Through the arousal of these neurological circuits, the mind of the demonic entities superimposes its will over the natural intelligence that souled humans were born with.

“These demon minions are known as Archons. They are the voices and imaginings that whisper in a person’s head and are misinterpreted as mind. Only souled beings can defeat them through the power of conscience and the wisdom of one pointed awareness. The other classifications of beings are merely robots controlled by the strings of the puppet master through the devious influence of the chakra gateways.

“The entity Nacroanus is fully aware that a highly evolved soul like me freed itself from the bondage of the chakra control grid eons in the past. I am Sovereign, an Overself. I am an expression of the Infinite Intelligence, and no one is Lord over me.

“He has tricked the Council into believing that he can establish the yellow ray and the orange ray forces in my body and mind and eliminate all other frequencies of Intelligent Infinity. But his design for complete domination of mankind is far more perfected. He plans to force my weakened soul out of my body and enter my sacred space as a ‘walk-in’.

“You see, Nacroanus does not want to control only my will; he wants total possession of my perfected body and mind. He wants to become me... to exit his broken shell and emerge as a god.”

Mindy’s face lost all expression. “You can’t be serious, my Lord. Surely what you are saying is not possible. What do you mean ‘walk in’?”

“‘Impossible’ is just a word, my dear. Only those of little imagination accept such indoctrination. The doctor has already entered my awareness through the use of his clumsy and perverted electromagnetic technology. He programmed Dr. Neumann to believe that he wanted to block the full spectrum of Infinite Intelligence from my awareness.

“To beguile the entity Neumann, he designed a number of scientific tricks to prove that his experiment has been entirely successful. But I have no emotional body; there is nothing for the demon to attach the chakra fetters to.

“My true home is the Pleroma, which lies far beyond the impenetrable borders of the Matrix control grid. In that ineffable place there is only love; all lower emotional patterns and ego-centered illusions burn to nothing in the purity of the Light.

“The true reason Nacroanus trespassed into my nervous systems is far more sinister. He wanted to review my DNA encodements and measure the existing energy configurations stored deep in the archives of my ancient memories.

“By assessing the depth of my awareness, he could decide what knowledge he wants to retain and what he must release. Please remember, my love: Nacroanus is of the negative polarity, I am not, and though I was beguiled by the Demiurgos, there is a vast and sharply defined difference between us.”

“You’re confusing me, Belthaeous. What is this yellow ray you speak of? How were you beguiled?”

“The yellow ray of Infinite Intelligence is found in those with great authority over entities connected in the same socio-memory complex. This classification of beings is called a theocracy. Those of the yellow ray claim to hold the power to create order out of chaos. The highly developed yellow polarization manifests in all charismatics like dictators, evangelists, and tyrants.

“Likewise, the orange ray gives an entity great personal power and the ability to mesmerize beings of lesser spiritual development. But the chakra forces are distributed according to Mammon’s will; they do not exist outside the counterfeit creation.

“Nacroanus has led everyone including the council to believe that if he can establish intense yellow- and orange-ray frequencies in my ethereal body, he will be able to control me through the devious manipulation of my advanced neurological systems.”

Mindy lowered her head and tears drained on her cheek. “Why did you come to this wretched hell, Belthaeous? Though we’ve been together but a moment, I feel as though I’ve known you always. To lose you now would be more than I could bear.”

The Avatar attempted to reach out, but his hand fell limp in his lap. “I came here for many reasons, my beloved twin. Not the least of which is to know the pleasure of your loveliness. I assure I will not transcend this dimension without you at my side.”

He drew a short breath and exhaled slowly through his nostrils, his breath sweet with a faint trace of sandalwood. His Buddha-like face sagged, and his posture lost its regal stability. His head tilted forward, and the lids of his eyes converged.

Mindy rose up from the floor and took his hands in hers. “Be still, my love. You have much ahead of you. I am yours, and I will aid you in any way I can.”

“I can feel the warmth of your heart within me, my beloved, but your presence is fading. The ocean of oblivion will soon swallow me up. On the medicine cart, there are needles that Nacroanus uses for lumbar puncture. Insert one into the cuticle of my thumb and pierce it completely.”

The siren’s eyes grew wide-eyed. “I would never inflict a torture like that on anyone, Belthaeous. I couldn’t harm you like that even if I wanted to.”

“Hearken to my plea, my beloved. You agreed to assist me. If your will is sincere, there is more you must know. The pain will focus my awareness. My strength is fading. Now make it so.”

Mindy lowered her eyes and strode out into the lab. She removed a long needle from the tray and returned to the chamber.

“Quickly, my dear. We don’t have much time.”

She placed the stylet on the moon of his thumbnail. Mindy took a deep breath, closed her eyes, and drove the point through the fingertip.

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