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Perturbing the Outer Planets

by Richard King Perkins, II

There's a reason that almost anything labeled a “conspiracy theory” is viewed with disdain. Those who engage in systematic, long-range, hidden agendas want it that way. Generally, the people outside the plans who see through the spin, the distraction, the intentional misdirection, are aware that some gigantic revelation is being kept secret from them, but they can't determine exactly what that might be.

What do the Kennedy assassination, Easter Island, hoax bombings and the Face of Mars have in common.? Everything. What do the race of giants, the Illuminati, the moon landing and Stonehenge have in common? That same everything.

Tunguska? Well, no. Sorry, that was just me and an unfortunate incubus. My name is Sondra Thoene, the Discerner, and this is part of my Chronicle of Ages.

Reclassifying Pluto as a “dwarf planet” is one of the more recent efforts at obfuscation. There really isn't much point in looking for Planet X if we only have eight to begin with. But it’s there.

The ancients saw it. Monuments were erected. Entire cultures were devoted to it. The Atlantean people, with their master-scientists, were able to transplant their entire civilization to a remote setting on Planet X.

Usually, this mystery world is found somewhere beyond the revolution of Neptune, but it's made more than a few near passes of Earth with its wildly eccentric orbit. I say “orbit” only as a euphemism. It would be more accurate to say “flight plan.”

But Planet X isn't any synthetic spacecraft with superweapons. It's real enough. There are many historic references to its arrivals and departures, the shuttling of passengers and materials all now veiled by extraordinary measures designed to keep a tight seal on what is viewed as cataclysmic revelation. But I remain skeptical. Will anyone really be surprised when Heaven comes to Earth?

Copyright © 2015 by Richard King Perkins II

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