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Challenge 658

Saddle Up

  1. In Susan Bass Marcus’ “Pieces of Stars”:

    1. How does Franny feel about her son? Does she know or appreciate what he has done for her?
    2. How does the story avoid overstepping BwS’ “dead narrator” guideline?
  2. In Stephen Ellams’ “Isabella,” what is an “opposing thumb”?

  3. In Terry L. Mirll’s “Karat Cake,” Frank and Dippy immediately set about to repair the robot polo pony. What advantage other than speed might it have as a means of transportation?

  4. In Gary Clifton’s “Murder Out of Hand”:

    1. Why does Johnny Death commit a mass murder rather than single out Scroggins?
    2. Does Hodge need to tell the truth about arresting Johnny Death in order to threaten McCurley?
  5. In Bill Kowaleski’s “The Paradox Principle”:

    1. In what year does the action take place?
    2. Does the past Eric have a kind of selective memory? Why might he remember all the information — especially the stock-market tips — that the future Eric leaves for him?
    3. How might the future Eric have avoided the health problems he incurs by meeting the past Eric?

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