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The Most Fabulous Flower of All

by Douglas Young

You’re the flower with the heavenly hue,
So vibrant and fresh as the dawning dew,
The most splendid swan on the loveliest lake,
Leading the entire pack, trailing in her wake.

In this too often black and white world,
You’re the brightest, most colorful girl;
Like a rainbow piercing overcast skies,
You can lift up my mood to soaring highs.

How kind you are and fulsome with praise —
Your compliments touch me like gentle rain;
And making me feel all the more revered
Is the fact you are completely sincere.

You have no airs
But climb the stairs,
Seeking truth, whatever you find,
Pulling roots with an open mind.

When others cower, stay silent and sour,
You stand like a totem pole, full of power;
For you have the rarest virtue of all,
And that is courage — refusing to fall.

Brave and ebullient you are and more,
Full of confidence and eager to soar,
Inspiring me to live at full throttle,
Stay out of neutral, and never dawdle.

Effervescent and eager to explore,
You ride the biggest wave, far out from shore,
Teaching me to live and not just exist,
For this life will give and shall not persist.

Poised for fun and eager to laugh,
You know that life is a rough path;
But, while others will complain and fear,
You choose to smile and bathe in good cheer.

And, oh, what a looker you are, my dear;
In the realm of gorgeous, you have no peer;
You are an Amazon in every respect —
In a beauty pageant, you’re the last one left.

Your splendid face induces sighs
With light blue eyes that mesmerize,
Plump, pretty lips and a breathtaking blonde mane,
And a fantastic physique that’s just insane.

And such a voice — Southern, feminine, and fine,
As if soaked in honey and muscadine wine;
Just to hear you over the phone
Is to be lulled by your swell tone.

And to think alike,
Be open and frank,
Is like finding a jewel
At the bottom of a pool.

You’re a strong model — so ideal —
Yet still the sweet dream girl made real;
What a charmed persona you have created,
Admired and eagerly anticipated.

Whatever it is,
Whatever you do,
I’m certain of this:
That I so love you.

Copyright © 2017 by Douglas Young

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