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The Worthiness of Truth

by Mr Ben

Its appearance beats the imagination of the naive.
The weight of its significance can only be carried by the “ready”
sub-conscious mind.
It is not easy to accommodate because of its consequences.
It distances itself from the one who is not willing to embrace its
But stamps its nearness to one willing to embrace it.
It has a slow movement of speed
But has a way of penetrating the mind of the parochial person.

Truth dwells with and in humanity,
But its presence is endless.
Truth is actually not sold
But has an influence over the feeble.
Truth lived by involves a conscious effort,
But it forms the awakening to greater consciousness.
“Truth is bitter”, the saying goes,
But it fights against humanity’s diseases
To prevent it from physical decay.

Humanity thinks of truth as being materialistic
But soon discovers the falsehood.
It realizes truth cannot be measured by gold and silver.
Its Worth: Simply Priceless!

Copyright © 2017 by Mr Ben

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