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Schoolgirl Commando

by Ronald Linson

Her name is Tiffany,
Or Brittany, or Madison,
Or something cute like that.

She sports a pleated skirt and matching jacket,
A fashion statement in forest camouflage.
They’re perfect with a blouse in olive drab,
And combat boots go with everything, don’t you know.

She’s ready for the blackboard jungle.
The hallways are an obstacle course,
The cafeteria is a minefield,
And the locker room is one step up from Hell.

She may be only fifteen,
But she knows the score.
The girls envy her, and the boys want her,
And adult men would do well to heed these words of wisdom:
Look, but don’t touch, because combat boots can really hurt!

Schoolgirl Commando

by Crystalwizard

Copyright © 2017 by Ronald Linson

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