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Bertil Falk in India


Bertil Falk, a long-time Review Editor and contributor to Bewildering Stories, was recently interviewed on Indian television about his historical and biographical work, Feroze, the Forgotten Gandhi. The wide-ranging interview gives a refreshing view of Bertil in good health; his friends and colleagues will surely be delighted.

Bertil modestly shares credit with others for the completion and warm receptton of his history of Feroze Gandhi. Primarily, “medicare in Sweden ultimately put an end” to a series of debilitating ailments and enabled hm to resume writing. “The book on Feroze was completed in the summer of 2015, after Indian friends intervened and said that I had to do it. The book had been researched and written over the decades.”

In that regard, I must repeat an anecdote that remains one of my fondest memories of Bertil. It illustrates his exuberance and natural curiosity. zIn the summer of 2008, he came to Guelph, Ontario., When he alighted from an intercity bus, I expressed admiration for his travelling overland all the way from Los Angeles. It was just the way he liked it, Bertil explained. He could see the country and meet the people. He also said his “Obama” button had encouraged friendly contacts en route.

Later, during Bertil’s visit, he noticed a statue in front of City Hall. Whom did it represent? As a mere citizen of Guelph, I didn’t know. Ever the inquisitive journalist, Bertil hastened across Carden St. to investigate. I followed. The statue was of John Galt, who had founded the city in 1827 and named it in honour of the British royal family’s Hanoverian lineage, the House of Welf. Galt later became a Scottish novelist, and his own history might make a truly Bewildering story. Now I knew. Thanks, Bertil!

Bertil reports that the heat makes travelling in India exhausting, but he is obviously holding up quite well. Meanwhile, Bertil is always up to date. He says the newly installed solar panels and cells on his cottage in Sweden now provide him with electricity and hot water. Congratulations, Bertil; you have been and remain an inspiration in many ways.

Bertil’s interview can be found here.

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