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Paean to a Dope

by James Robert Rudolph

Grounded angel shabby wings
did you in why you’re as mucky
as an alley cat now see
what you’ve become

This boa’s coil iron walled closes
round like a medieval siege and your
gymnastic resistance as noble as
a martyr’s flail but your honor with its
halo yellow hue is succumbing
to those scales oily and tar black spasming
in perfect harmony like lines of tiny
Can-can dancers this serpent stupid
and mighty insensate as a rockslide

Quicksand wins every time it’s just
like that it doesn’t admire you for trying
or respect an honest effort it just slowly
wraps around you you’re a swaddling baby
you think until you’re a mummy and by then
of course it’s too late

So fight it all you lost cause you let fly
your astral haymakers and wishes
on a star but hoarse and ridiculous slip
into your pj’s and wait for it all to go
Carrie on prom night on your sorry self

Copyright © 2018 by James Robert Rudolph

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