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Ken Poyner, The Book of Robot


The Book of Robot
Author: Ken Poyner
Publisher: Barking Moose Press
Date: 2016
Length: 73 pages
ISBN: 0692799672; 978-0692799673

Robot Pornography

I have seen the new printed circuit boards
Uncased. I have visually measured
The octagonal slots where the redesigned
Holographic memory cubes plug in.
I have gazed at the new connectors:
Pure unalloyed metal, bare nanometers apart,
Jutting out as if to declare I can take
Any instructions you can imagine. Opposing,
The new connector slots are flaked with Teflon,
Yet still retain their connectivity, with both data flow
And chained insertion as smooth as edge straight
Electromagnetism. I have seen how many cores
Are stacked on top of one another, how easily
Interrupts pass. The on-board cache
Would swallow anyone’s needs, and the master bus
Will accommodate all demands without segmentation.
If you get one of these unapologetically plugged
Into your expansion slot, you are in
For one elevated ride. Just from the
Effect of the visual imagery alone,
I have had to run two low level diagnostics,
Replace one old style memory chip.

In a protected slice of deep persistent flash,
I have the detailed design diagrams.

Copyright © 2018 by Ken Poyner

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