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Gillian Wills

Gillian Wills lives in the “bush” of Australia with a spouse who is an artist. Gillian herself has studied piano and guitar at the Royal Academy of Music in London, UK, and become dean of a prestigious music academy in Australia. She has published art and music reviews extensively and is an occasional pre-concert speaker for various musical groups. She has published a memoir about a world-weary musician and a racehorse who rescue each other.

Uninvited” will surely amuse readers with its account of a couple who find their rental home is a no-cost bargain because it’s haunted. But the ghosts are, by turns, noisy and messy; all, told, rather restrained. Readers will enjoy the real, live couple of Remi and Cesca, who might shout “No!” and “Yes!” at each other for the same reason. The ghosts themselves might say, “Now that is hauntitude!”

Gillian Wills’s bio sketch can be found here.

Welcome to Bewildering Stories, Gillian. We hope to hear from you again soon and often!

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