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Bewildering Stories

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Challenge 93

Please read “Seize the Moment” before embarking upon the Challenge.

Carpe diem

Since we’re into Latin titles in this issue, let’s seize the day. “Seize the Moment” depicts in detail a strange incident in the life of an everyday fellow, Horace Launcey. He senses that he is in the presence of an “opportunity,” and yet he lets it pass him by. The opportunity, unexploited, leaves his life just as it was before. In the vignette, the moment is a fantasy for all practical purposes.

But decisions have consequences, even the decision to do nothing. Norman A. Rubin provides us with a classic premise for a “time fork” or “parallel futures” story, one where a character is confronted with choices that may lead who knows where.

Your challenge is to imagine the results of Horace Launcey’s taking the initiative and approaching the beautiful lady. How might it have turned out well? Badly? Or just... different? Give free rein to your imagination and let us know what conclusion “Seize the Moment” might lead to!

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