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Bewildering Stories’
Fourth Quarterly Review
autumn 2007

Editors’ Choices: issues 262-272

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The Quarterly Reviews bring you the editors’ favorites from the past three months. New readers will have easy access to the recent best of Bewildering Stories, and veteran readers will have the chance to catch up on anything they may have missed.

The editors’ choices are the result of an extensive but always enjoyable process. The review editors have long been distinguished in Internet publishing for their prompt and outstanding work in evaluating and proofreading submissions and in making the selections for the Quarterly Reviews. As always, the discussions have been lively and insightful. A big Thank You to Agnes Blom, Bill Bowler, Gary Inbinder, Michael E. Lloyd, S. M. Murdock, and Carmen Ruggero.

Finally and foremost we congratulate the authors represented here. They and their works have well earned the honor. We hope they will inspire all our contributors.

The Fourth Quarterly Review appears in two parts. The second is scheduled for December 30. We’ll resume regular publication with issue 273 on January 7, 2008.

Letter from the Editor: Year Out, Year In

December 24

page 1: Part I: Serialized Works, Essays, Departments
page 2: Part II: Poetry and Short Poetry Part III: Flash Fiction

December 30

page 3: Part IV: Short Stories; Part V: The Order of the Hot Potato

Selections are listed in alphabetical order by author and in chronological order by title.

Part I

Serialized Works

Serialized works link to the table of contents in the authors’ bibliographies. All serialized works must have concluded in or before issue 272 in order to qualify. Related stories are not considered serials even if they have a synopsis in common.

Novel Claës Lundin, Oxygen and Aromasia
— translated by Bertil Falk
Novella Peter A. Balaskas, In His House
Serials Alex Marshall, The Crimson Tower
Robert H. Prestridge, Abandon


Kane X. Faucher, A Review with Teeth
Thomas R., A History of Starling Stories (alternate history)
Gabriel Timar Mel Waldman, The Nazi Patient


Challenges Don Webb
Editorials Don Webb, Raising Standards
Jerry Wright, Moving Right Along

Available at Bewildering Press

Jack Alcott, Grim Legion   Sam Ivey, Gilboy’s Quest   Michael E. Lloyd, Observation One

Grim Legion   Gilboy's Quest   Observation One

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