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Bewildering Stories

Oonah V. Joslin

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Oonah V. Joslin

After three decades of teaching students with special needs, Oonah developed a few of her own and left. She now writes poetry and flash fiction.

Oonah has won three consecutive Micro Horror trophies since 2007. She was an honouree poet in The Binnacle Competition 2009 and has work in several anthologies and magazines online and in print.

She updates links to her work at and on facebook. Oonah was editor of Every Day Poets. for five years and has since become an editor at The Linnet’s Wings.

You can visit her site at and at - oonahverse.

Oonah is interviewed at Every Day Fiction and by the Gyroscope Review.

Copyright © 2007, 2009 by Oonah V. Joslin

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Bewildering Stories interviews Oonah V. Joslin

Prose Poetry
Clear and Cold, the Rising Moon...
Trip to Tangier
The Milgram Hypothesis
Don’t Grow on Trees
Time Travelling
Magical Thinking
The Writing Room
Pure Research
Matter Matters
Com’all Ye
Crunch Time
Boldly Going Nowhere
A Genie in a Jam
The Fittest
Of Your Charity
The Last Syllable of Recorded Time
Duplicitous the Dawn
Henderson’s Hand
The Last Days of Coloc


Explication of “Praise Song for the Day”
Flight of Starlings
“R is for Rocket...”
Industrial Poems
Is DJ a Superhero?
Snoll and Books
The Mission
Ludek’s Dawn
What Boundaries (prose poem)
Celestial Sunflower
The Last Laugh
Don’t Grow on Trees
Full Flavour
Not His Last Duchess
Spring’s Uplift
Days of Damselflies
Definitions - after W. C. Minor
What Ever Happened to Tea — and Sympathy?
A Dream of Lost
Accomplice to the Hawk
Flight of Starlings
Stain of Light (explication)
Tapping the Salamander
Tree Surgeon
Spring Song
The Cost of Cleaning Up
Clear Sailing
Change Has Tenses All Its Own
Stick Dressing
Armchair Observatory
Remembering Paris, 1978
Department Store
A Final Seal
Talking to Myself
The Smith’s Gold
The Angry Sun
Aurora Over Iceland
Discovery’s Fortieth Mission
Borrowed Thunder
Voluntary Exile
Art of the Storm
The Story of Dainty Dish
I’ve Missed You
October Tones
To Prometheus Bound
Global Language Village Art
Touching the Tiger
Meteor Strike
A Snake Awakes
Altercation at Supper
Casting Couch
Tenax Preposterous
For the Love of Lilies
Minneapolis’ Natural Jazz
Rhythm of Rain
Music to My Ears
Rook Band
Between Seasons
Death Among the Apples
Death Among the Apples
Our Daily Breed
Maybe the Brave
My Aspen at Wallington
Blind Expanse
Day at the Theatre
Stored and Restored
When I Encountered Tutankhamen

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