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Novels Julian Lawler’s Palance Demondread is carrying a secret letter that may have been compromised. It contains Palance’s family secret, which shocks Ian and Father Rayul. They caution him of perils awaiting him on the road: Battle Seer, Secrets Revealed, part 1; part 2.

‘Toni and Carla are joined by another persuasive visitor, as music and words continue to entwine them all; meanwhile, the mystery of recent events is worrying and frustrating those in authority, near and far’: Michael E. Lloyd, Observation One: Singing of promises, chapter 2: Transferral Sphere; chapter 3: Santander, Spain.
Serial Thomas Sutton calls in a squad of “Bobbies” to rout the varmints in his steak fields, but in the ensuing battle Thomas realizes he has a strange kinship with the enemy: Byron Bailey, Hoosier Steaks, conclusion.
New contributor Landon Hughes tells of a very out-of-shape gentleman who’s determined to go for a jog across country... through memories of loves past and dire dangers to a distant goal: Two Miles of Life.
Poetry Michael Murry follows up his Gaelic bardic trilogy in issues 114-116 with two more poems on the same theme. Events of thirty years ago now seem like only yesterday... And today. And tomorrow: Ebb and Flow ; Lies, Damned Eyes, and Statistics.
Art New contributor Claudio Parentela has sent us five lively drawings; this is the first. We invite our readers to send us titles, interpretations and — who knows — stories: Art 786.
Excerpt Deep Bora gives us a sample of an e-book. In this story, force fields close borders in the past and an alternate present: Force Fields Activated.


Welcome Bewildering Stories welcomes Landon Hughes and Claudio Parentela.
Challenge Challenge 123 opens with Knight to Queen’s Bishop 3.
Letters Deep Bora sends a tasty letter about Diwali and Dishes.
Shawn P. Madison sends a compliment about “The Great Magnanimous.”
The Reading
Jerry Wright reviews S. M. Stirling’s Dies the Fire and L. E. Modesitt’s Flash
Editorial xxx

In Times to Come

Issue 124 will continue Battle Seer and Observation One, and the second half of Michael J A Tyzuk’s “Through a Glass, Darkly” has taken shape. We’ll have at least one new contributor, and some veterans are set to return: Byron Bailey, Jörn Grote, Ásgrímur Hartmannsson, Sean Hower,Dustin LaValley and Norman A. Rubin.

Among the missing: Alexandra Erin’s “The Pendant Strikes!” We’ll continue it when and if we receive further installments. Michael Hansen’s Gnart was last seen surrounded by skullduggery in “Eaten by the Overlords,” back in issue 110. We want to know what he gets mixed up in next! And, say, Roberto Sanhueza, we’re still cliffhanging from the last episode in Katts and Dawgs, back in issue 119. We’re all a-lather to know what’s going to happen!

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