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What’s in Issue 142

Novels In an ancient cemetery, Ivan Lustcrow discovers an inscription that seems to hold the key to both the past and present. However, it is in an ancient language that, unaccountably, only he can read: Julian Lawler, Battle Seer, chapter 20: Relics from the Past.

‘Toni returns, eagerly but modestly, to the wonderful city of artists and lovers. And with his modest help, Carla sets up Quo’s crucial next engagement, with the philandering Junior Minister Nallier’: Michael E. Lloyd, Observation One: Singing of promises... chapter 22: Paris, France, part 1.
Novellas Phasers don’t faze the evil serpent god Lziren. Captain Blunt will have to find a bigger gun, somewhere: Danielle L. Parker, The Thief of Joy and Light, conclusion.

Young Jeb is initiated into the ways of the world: women, gambling... Quite a challenge for an innocent farm boy: Norman A. Rubin, Hallelujah, part 3.
Want to make a deal with a demon to realize your ambitions? Make sure you have the goods: Beverly Forehand, Fine Print.

In a dead city, only Speed can keep a few from becoming zombies. Or are we looking at this picture upside down? D. A. Madigan, No Good Angel.

New contributor Catfish Russ takes “Report Suspicious Activies” to its logical conclusion. Is it worth it? You Be the Judge!
New contributor Tomi Shaw shows that Magic has its rules that greed knows not of: Sam’s Rose.
Poetry There are, nonetheless, defenses against the dread Orkeldor. Most of them involve running away: C. Meton, The Orkeldor, part 4.

New contributor Thomas D. Reynolds evokes an ecological apocalypse where everyone must wear masks in order to breathe. How, then, do we know who we are? Our Eyes Are What Makes Us Human.


Welcome Bewildering Stories welcomes Thomas D. Reynolds, Catfish Russ and Tomi Shaw.
Discussion The writers’ perennial interest: “Paying Markets” by Tomi Shaw and Danielle L. Parker.
The Critics’
C. Meton and Tomi Shaw write about D. A. Madigan’s “Positive”.
The Reading
Michael J A Tyzuk reviews Kathleen M. O’Neal’s The Powers of Light trilogy.
Jerry Wright reviews Neal Asher’s Gridlinked.
Editorial Jerry Wright, Pseudomonths

In Times to Come

Issue 143
Novels: Julian Lawler, Battle Seer, chapter 21: “The Hundredth Knight”
Michael E. Lloyd, Observation One, chapter 22: “Paris, France,” part 2
Novella: Norman A. Rubin, “Hallelujah,” part 4
Short stories: new contributor Sergio Bayona, “Grandfather’s Trip”
Beverly Forehand, “Acquisitions”
new contributor Greg Schatz, “Odonata”
Flash fiction: new contributor David Marshall, “Of Noble Blood”
Poetry: C. Meton, “The Orkeldor,” part 5

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