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by Mary King

no spare change...
the homeless man
blesses me anyway

autumn rain -
she places his flowers
in the second-best vase

for one...
harvest moon

fading light -
a red leaf bouquet
at the smallest grave

inky clouds...
from time to time,
the moon

false dawn -
sometimes i still
think of home

spring rain -
as the doctor speaks
I think of lilacs
      mackerel clouds...
4 perfect smoke rings
just before the rain

when he looks away
I’ll walk by...
bright-eyed grackle

water shadows...
her hands mimic
the starling’s flight

already leaving
as I turn to look...
banshee gull

distant thunder...
a goose turns its head
to look at me

green river -
a wood duck glides
through pine shadows

balky computer -
the cat sneezes

Copyright © 2005 by Mary King

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