Bewildering Stories

Issue 166

Readers’ Guide: What’s in issue 166

Serial Thomas R. Willits, The Beyond, part 4; part 5; conclusion
Christopher Brooks, Requital
Jörn Grote, Open Minds, part 1; conclusion
Audie A. Murphy, The Grand Pineda, part 1; conclusion
Thomas R., Users, part 1; conclusion
Norman A. Rubin, In the Name of...
Robert L. Sellers Jr, Dead Men Hanging, part 1; conclusion
Mary King, Interview with God
Jim Schicatano, The Science Project
Poetry Mary King, haiku
Essays Steven Utley, Make-Out City
Prakash Kona, Tragedy and Farce:
    Reflections Upon an Unjust War


Welcome Bewildering Stories welcomes Christopher Brooks
    and Audie A. Murphy
Challenge The Challenge Shall Return
After a brief TimeOut
Letters Received on the Net: Boris Vian’s science fiction
The Reading
Jerry Wright reviews Christopher Paolini's Eldest
D. A. Madigan reviews...
    S. M. Stirling’s alternate histories, part 1; part 2
Editorial Jerry Wright, Goodness From Henson

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