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What’s in Issue 166

Serial How would you catch a fugitive who has only one place to go? Thomas R. Willits, The Beyond, part 4; part 5; conclusion.
New contributor Christopher Brooks suggests some fun you might — or might not — want to have with your interplanetary neighbors: Requital.

Jörn Grote shows what both computers and human beings have in common psychologically: Open Minds, part 1; conclusion.

New contributor Audie A. Murphy tells a story within a story within a story... and they are all interrelated: The Grand Pineda, part 1; conclusion.

Both of the main characters in the story are “users,” but in opposite ways: Thomas R., Users, part 1; conclusion.

Behind the news headlines, human beings: Norman A. Rubin, In the Name of...

Sheriff Poe of Goblin’s Toe surprises a vampire feasting in a dark alley. It’s the beginning of a beautiful friendship: Robert L. Sellers Jr, Dead Men Hanging, part 1; conclusion.
Mary King takes the concept of the “clockmaker deity” to a logical conclusion. Is the deity a designer or... an infuser? Interview with God.

Jim Schicatano makes us glad that our universe is serious business and not just all fun and games: The Science Project.
Poetry Early autumn. Haiku flock. A story takes wing: Mary King, haiku.
Essays Is this a trenchant essay or a hard-hitting editorial? Where might Prakash not be allowed to travel? Prakash Kona, Tragedy and Farce: Reflections Upon an Unjust War.

With Steven Utley we lament the passing of some peculiar shrines of mid-century American culture: Make-Out City.


Welcome Bewildering Stories welcomes Christopher Brooks and Audie A. Murphy.
Challenge Jerry: Who can fix Don's Powerbook? The Challenge Will Return
Don: The PowerBook is amazing. Who can fix Don?
Stay tuned for the truly Bewildering Story in issue 167.
Letters Received on the Net: Boris Vian’s science fiction.
The Reading
D. A. Madigan reviews S. M. Stirling’s alternate histories, part 1; part 2.
Jerry Wright reviews Christopher Paolini's Eldest
Editorial Jerry Wright, Goodness from Henson

In Times to Come

News Flash : Contributors please be patient. Ye Copy Editor will be able to reply promptly to mail beginning October 4.

In issue 167

Novel : Tala Bar, The King’s Daughter
Serial : Slawomir Rapala, “Dreamtime” parts 1-2
Short Stories
Robert M. Blevins, “The Earth and the Lion”
New contributor John Faucett, “Racing with the Moon”
James Finn, “The Stray”
New contributor William Schweizer, ”The Drama Major”
Robert L. Sellers, Jr “Hide and Seek”
Flash Fiction
Katherine Allen, “That Place”
New contributor Mike Kechula, “Body Modifiers, Inc.”
Kevin Ahearn, “SF Bias”
Steven Utley and the Moamrath Project, “The Moamrath Papers” part 1
Review : D. A. Madigan, “S. M. Stirling’s alternate histories” conclusion

Computer Problems

Our copy editor, Don, has been having some problems with his computer while he is away from home. So expect some lateness in answering letters or setting up new items for BwS.

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